Global Ag Alliance believes polled is the future and will soon be a part of every progressive dairyman’s management decisions. We offer top Polled Genetic Holstein frozen semen to meet those needs. Our lineup also includes both genomic and proven Holstein bulls. Our frozen semen is available for shipping worldwide. Below you will find our current offerings available for frozen and fresh semen. Please contact us for pricing and shipping information.
542HO790 Viking A1A2Radius x Montross1255951978271012324
542HO776 Mercury A2A2Josuper x Donatello1890906932270911522.5
542HO789 Chain   A1A2Radius x Montross185387089626208351.6
542HO785 Ted A2A2SuperSire x Shamrock991846873258911021.1
542HO786 Jericho   A1A2Jett x Kingboy12648538832665 3.2
542HO777 Barr A2A2Yoder x SuperSire9638088342561 912 1.1
542HO782 Spring A2A2AltaSpring x Robust7738028472594  10353.9
542HO787 Crowbar A1A2Hotshot x Nominee16748008152535 2.2
542HO791 Milkpower A2A2Jedi x Morgan24007607762571 2.6
542HO788 Geoff A2A2Jedi x Altakado22177547712556 3
542HO784 Roberto A1A1Rubicon x Numero Uno9817537782576 1.8
542HO783 Ronnie A1A1Rubicon x Numero Uno10207537862573 0.4
542HO778 Bhoop A1A2Monterey x SuperSire159473675426098382
542HO780 Free Shot A2A2Supershot x Mogul17977077202426 1.6
542HO781 Hastobe-P-RC A2A2Heinz x Sympatico133068369524718943.2
542HO770 Traction A2A2Stoic x Day87564967324558402
542HO767 Chosen-P A2A2Kingboy x SuperSire157263365124798331.4
542HO779 Ben A1A2Supershot x Numero Uno72160962124217445.4
542HO769 Oz-P A1A2Supershot x AltaOak181960461324047442
542HO768 Jagr-P A2A2Main Event x Earnhart-P76760262123887943.3

*GAA bulls can have 3 different NAAB codes, 506 code is for frozen semen, 542 code is for Fresh Semen and 516 code is for sexed semen. The code used in this price list is the official code listed with NAAB. * Not all bulls are available in frozen semen. Some bulls are exclusive in Fresh Plus and will be available in frozen semen at a later date.